Mortgage Post Closing Manager – Boston

Job Description

Oversee a team of Post-Closing Specialists. Lead, manage and monitor a four-member post-closing team. Manager will resolve complicated and technical post-closing matters.  Manager will also oversee a document management program and third-party custodian.

Primary responsibilities

  • Provide organizational leadership when performing processing, closing, valuation, servicing and/or monitoring of residential mortgage loans.

  • Perform routine and non-routine service and transactional support functions. Interact with other organizational units/teams to ensure timely delivery of service, or resolution of issues.

  • Integrate in-depth area knowledge with a solid understanding of industry standards and practices to provide solutions to internal and external clients.

  • Meet with organizational units/teams to ensure problems and issues are being addressed appropriately and that they are resolved in a timely manner.

  • Provide support to lower-level team resources.

  • Participate in product development, product enhancement, and system testing to ensure that products continue to accurately and efficiently process high value transactions.

  • Solve complex problems based on an understanding and knowledge of the intricacies of the system.

  • Contribute to the achievement of team goals.


Bachelor’s Degree in Finance or the equivalent combination of education and experience is required. MBA is preferred.5-10 years of total work experience preferred. Experience in real estate lending or commercial banking preferred.